Anna (candiedbullet) wrote,

Hello There!

I can't believe how well some of my favorites did so far during Wimbledon! I thought everything was over once Maria lost in the second round ut man was I wrong. Lleyton did pretty well, despite his lost against Roger today but he did great. Marat is also on such a roll! AHH!! I'm pretty sad that Richard was sent home today but i guess it was fun watching the british crowd going crazy.

Really, summer has been a bore. I did hang out with Antoinette for an entire week and thats all great but now I just get up early, watch Wimbledon, and then clean and read for the rest of the time. ahhh. Anna needs to get out. I'm so in love with my LJ right now. :) i have nice prettiful icons and a wonderful layout! yay!

Tags: antoinette, lleyton hewitt, marat safin, maria sharapova, richard gasuqet, summer, tennis
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