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Well, my mom and I went to Summerfest on friday to see Stone Temple Pilots! $200+ for tickets and it was absolutely worth it. It was the best 4th of july i've ever had and the best one my mom ever had.

We spent about an hour getting ready, beautifying ourselves and then we drove down there, both of us totally anxious. We got there around 1 and ate some mexican food that really wasn't good. My taquitos were okay but kind of tasteless and the chimichunga my mom got looked like... well, I dunno. gross. We should have just went with the good ol' hot dog or hamburger but oh well. Then we went shopping for a few hours and I bought a few pieces of jewlery and mom got a few shirts and OMG. I bought this delicious hawaiian shaved ice with bubble gum syrup. it was DELICIOUS. best thing i've ever eaten. haha. we sat around by the water front and basked in the sunlight. it was great.

Then we went to the Zippo stage to look for my friend Angela and her brother Trevor and we never ended up finding them but we discovered an amazing all girl band. JADED! They were freaking brilliant. After the concert we bought a t-shirt and two cds and I listen to them often. Great stuff, check them out.

Then we shared a hamburger and fries and headed back to the car to freshen up our hair and makeup and to get our sweatshirts. Then we headed up to the Marcus and got ready to see some STP!!! We wanted to get some merchandise but they REALLY overpriced the shirts and stuff. A shirt that i wanted went for $45 there when on the internet it was $30 and a sweatshirt at the concert was like $75 when on the internet it was $45. So i just bought a wristband. :) Then we went to our seats and they were really good! We lounged around at a table in the sunlight and at 7:20 we headed to our seats and Black Francis took the stage. The man was absolutely boring. He couldn't get the crowd to go crazy at all and my mom and I were just WAITING for him to get off. It was so boring! When he was finally done, we politely applauded and I guess the entire crowd agreed with our attitude toward him.

Then there was about a 15 minute wait for STP to take the stage and when they finally took the stage we were blown away. Scott took the stage with an american flag draped on his great bod and I thought my mom was just going to DIE. She has loved this band since they first came together and i was so happy for her and for us. They're first song was Big Empty and wow. I can now never listen to that song without getting chills. The concert was fabulous and when my mom's favorite song, Interstate Love Song, came on... wow. We were just blown away.

Scott Weiland has such a precense on stage, its just great. We were entranced by his good dancing abilities. ;) And also, the singing was GREAT. We were dancing, clapping, and singing for two hours straight and managed to make so many people dance and get excited in our section! it was great. the best concert i've ever been to. :]

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