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Don't Worry Be Happy

Best Parts Of The Night:

-Just being with DUANE! Ahhh. I love him. Too bad I didn't even get to say goodbye to him but I accidently took home his hoodie that he let me wear and this ring that he was wearing that he gave to me. whoopsies lol. Bahhh. neck kisses!! :D

- Getting two new ear piercings. Chris, Duane's mommy, has a piercing gun and this really amazing girl Shannon pierced them for me. On the second one I got a little scared because the gun wouldn't come away from the earring but it turned out okay.

- LOL. I told Duane and all of his friends that they didn't have the balls to throw me in the pool and they didn't! Mike almost did but yeah. ;]

- Bahaha. Kyle snuck me and Antoinette beer so that was a plus

And you know what? lets just forget the bad parts because i just don't fucking care. :] I'm way too happy to care.

Tags: antoinette, daisy, duane, family, party
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