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First Real Entry in... FOREVER!

Blah... Can anyone please explain to me why sundays are always so boring!? Friday and Saturday are amazing and then when Sunday comes around you're just totally bored, there's never anything to do, no one can hang out since tomorrow is school/work, theres no good food, there's nothing on tv, etc. Blah.

Luckily "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!" was on pretty much all day and I've been really into my latest file of Kingdom Hearts 2 and I have cheetos or i'd be losing my mind right about now.

I'm pretty stressed for the upcoming weeks. Just with school and all and usually you probably wouldn't hear this coming from a student this time of year. All my other peers having their three days of exams this week and then it's summer vacation for them. But not for me :( Last year I really fucked my back up playing tennis and not doing my physical therapy exercises and it led to tons of MRIs, cat scans, bone scans, scares that I'd have to get another back surgery, etc. and I was in pain constantly. I have never been so miserable, even after my two surgeries. (just a reminder, I had spinal fusions done for my problems with scoliosis and kyphosis, just in case anyone was wondering). I could barely get out of bed in the morning, let alone go to school so eventually, my school was kind enough to set me up in online classes (thank god... they were $400 a class!!!) and everything has been smooth sailing ever since... but i'm just afraid that now all my friends have summer vacation that I'm just going to totally slack on my classes. My semester started in March and won't end until August. I'm already done with my history course but I still have English, Math, and Bio. *sigh* let's hope things go well and I don't turn into a total slacker.

And i'm just stressed because of all the upcoming stuff these next few weekends. but I guess this is a big enough update for now. I think i'm going to go check out the bella/jacob comm and maybe find some Kingdom Hearts comms since i'm so interested lately!
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