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Twilight Monster!

*yawns* I'm tiiiiiiiired! So i'm just going to post a quick entry to tell you about my crazy Edward obsessed mother! xD

Okay. My mom isn't really a big reader. I think she's only read one book in a really small ammount of time (Dale Jr's biography and that's because she's insane for him) and she's trying to read the bible and she's getting pretty close to finishing it. But, I think two weeks ago it was, we watched the MTV Movie Awards and we watched the New Moon trailer... and she was pretty into it and so we watched the Twilight movie and she really loved it so I gave her the book to read and now every night we read together (she reads twilight, I read New Moon). But... i have created a MONSTER!

She went from page 40 to like page 160 in a matter of 2 days! That's like an insane ammount for her and now, she's in love with Edward and she calls him her "sexy boy." Do you agree that I have created a monster?! xD At first, she seemed really crazy for Jake since you see him and all his bare chesty goodness in the New Moon trailer but then she thought he was ugly in the movie because of that hideous wig they make him wear... and now she just loves Edward.



I mean, I'm seriously happy my mom is getting into Twilight. I'm also a huge HP fan and so is she. As a kid, I read to her every book up until the 5th one outloud and we've seen every single movie (and the 4th and 5th ones at midnight parties and we plan to see the 6th one at midnight as well!) and without HP, I think our relationship wouldn't be so strong since we really bonded a lot over it and now I'm glad she's getting into Twilight since this is another thing we can share.

I'm not totally against Edward... I really love him and his character and when I first read Twilight... yes, I admit. I was totally Pro-Eddie. But New Moon came along and he leaves Bella and yeah, he comes back, but he wasn't winning my favor back and I can't help but adore Jake! :3 It's gonna be weird... Me, Team Jake/Kinda Team Swiss and my mom Team Edward/sortaaa Team Swiss living in the same house! x3
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