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Twilight Monster!

*yawns* I'm tiiiiiiiired! So i'm just going to post a quick entry to tell you about my crazy Edward obsessed mother! xD

Okay. My mom isn't really a big reader. I think she's only read one book in a really small ammount of time (Dale Jr's biography and that's because she's insane for him) and she's trying to read the bible and she's getting pretty close to finishing it. But, I think two weeks ago it was, we watched the MTV Movie Awards and we watched the New Moon trailer... and she was pretty into it and so we watched the Twilight movie and she really loved it so I gave her the book to read and now every night we read together (she reads twilight, I read New Moon). But... i have created a MONSTER!

She went from page 40 to like page 160 in a matter of 2 days! That's like an insane ammount for her and now, she's in love with Edward and she calls him her "sexy boy." Do you agree that I have created a monster?! xD At first, she seemed really crazy for Jake since you see him and all his bare chesty goodness in the New Moon trailer but then she thought he was ugly in the movie because of that hideous wig they make him wear... and now she just loves Edward.



I mean, I'm seriously happy my mom is getting into Twilight. I'm also a huge HP fan and so is she. As a kid, I read to her every book up until the 5th one outloud and we've seen every single movie (and the 4th and 5th ones at midnight parties and we plan to see the 6th one at midnight as well!) and without HP, I think our relationship wouldn't be so strong since we really bonded a lot over it and now I'm glad she's getting into Twilight since this is another thing we can share.

I'm not totally against Edward... I really love him and his character and when I first read Twilight... yes, I admit. I was totally Pro-Eddie. But New Moon came along and he leaves Bella and yeah, he comes back, but he wasn't winning my favor back and I can't help but adore Jake! :3 It's gonna be weird... Me, Team Jake/Kinda Team Swiss and my mom Team Edward/sortaaa Team Swiss living in the same house! x3
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Interview Meme!

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will post the answers to the questions (and the questions themselves) on your blog or journal.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. And thus the endless cycle of the meme goes on and on and on and on ...

1. How'd you find out about Kingdom Hearts?

I found out about Kingdom Hearts (the first one) through a comercial. I thought it was pretty cool. I was aready a big fan of Final Fantasy and I thought it was pretty interesting that Disney and FF could mix... and not fail. And also, I was playing FFX at the time and I think in one of the commercials I saw Tidus (from Destiny Islands) in it and i had to see what this was all about xD

2. What do you want to do as a job?

I'd like to be a journalist or pretty much do anything with writing. Being a sports or music journalist is what I'd like to go to college for, since I am a sports freak and also music just because it's a big passion of mine and i'm seriously experiencing the whole music world with my brother's band getting so many gigs, tours, and oppourtunities and such. I also wanted to be a novel writer but I have zero ideas at the moment so that dream has pretty much died!

3. What's your favourite childhood memory?

Hmm... I'm not really sure. I have a lot. Probably watching anime a lot as a kid. I would watch Tenchi Muyo, Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star, and Sailor Moon all in the afternoons and stay up till around midnight to watch Dragonball Z and then somehow (if it was during the school year) get up for school the next day or if it was summer, sleep until around 1 and then do it all over again!

4. What's your favourite song and why?

I'm not really sure what my favorite song is at this exact moment. I have tons of them really. I guess at the moment, it's "Close My Eyes Forever" by Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne. It's just so pretty and Lita Ford is one rocking female :)

5. Do you like art (of any kind)?

Yeah I guess. Like some paintings and stuff are nice and drawings. I'm not exactly sure where to go with this one xD
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Darling, What Is Going On?

Awww. Just finished 100 Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts 2. I've beaten this game a few times and this is the first time I've actually played that level and found all the torn pages! Yey me! :) I don't think I did it in the first one either... Hm. I missed out on all the Winnie The Pooh goodness!

Blah. I'm pretty tired and a little in pain and I'd like to just surf the web and be nerdy, but I think I should get some biology homework done today. Starting unit 3. Blahhh. BORING! I've been talking to my guidance consouler (sp?) and i'm going to be having a really busy year next year at school. No study hall I think. I'm scared lol! I've never not had a study hall and I'm pretty scared if I miss a day because then I'll have no time to make up work, it's all going to have to be in-class or at home and I seriously hate actually doing homework at home. I usually do everything half-assed if I do it at home. There's too many distractions at home! xD

Also, I'm pretty excited to join a few clubs this year. Who knows if tennis is going to be a possibility this year but we'll see. I seriously got to get my ass in gear with my PT work our program. I'd really love to do tennis but then again there's my brother's band's tour in August (if I had tennis I couldn't go to a lot of the stop dates) and school would really be hell with tennis. When I played tennis my last two years, I seriously depended on my study halls because if I had a match that night, I probably wouldn't get home until 7 and wouldn't sit down to do homework until around 8. But maybe if I skip tennis this year I can do a few other things I've wanted to do, like clubs and who knows... maybe... MUSICAL!? I seriously missed out on a cool musical last year though. They did GREASE! And usually we do really lame stuff like Annie... Blah. Who knows. I'll be really upset if I can't do tennis though. Every other sport would be wayyy too hardcore on my back. But who knows. Once I start wokring out like a beast I'll start worrying.

And i'm also worrying about my behind the wheels and driving. I just got my temps but I'm just scared to drive. I stop horribly and I can't really do turns that well. It's just scary. I used to be pretty good and nonchalant about driving but then I just started getting really stressed out about it when my parents would sit and critisize my driving and now blah. It's just insanely stressful and I'm a seriously paranoid driver and i'm TERRIFIED for behind the wheels! Ugh. Wish me luck on those, whenever I even get the balls to sign up xD

Well. Enough messing around... Gotta get my bio done. Dx
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First Real Entry in... FOREVER!

Blah... Can anyone please explain to me why sundays are always so boring!? Friday and Saturday are amazing and then when Sunday comes around you're just totally bored, there's never anything to do, no one can hang out since tomorrow is school/work, theres no good food, there's nothing on tv, etc. Blah.

Luckily "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!" was on pretty much all day and I've been really into my latest file of Kingdom Hearts 2 and I have cheetos or i'd be losing my mind right about now.

I'm pretty stressed for the upcoming weeks. Just with school and all and usually you probably wouldn't hear this coming from a student this time of year. All my other peers having their three days of exams this week and then it's summer vacation for them. But not for me :( Last year I really fucked my back up playing tennis and not doing my physical therapy exercises and it led to tons of MRIs, cat scans, bone scans, scares that I'd have to get another back surgery, etc. and I was in pain constantly. I have never been so miserable, even after my two surgeries. (just a reminder, I had spinal fusions done for my problems with scoliosis and kyphosis, just in case anyone was wondering). I could barely get out of bed in the morning, let alone go to school so eventually, my school was kind enough to set me up in online classes (thank god... they were $400 a class!!!) and everything has been smooth sailing ever since... but i'm just afraid that now all my friends have summer vacation that I'm just going to totally slack on my classes. My semester started in March and won't end until August. I'm already done with my history course but I still have English, Math, and Bio. *sigh* let's hope things go well and I don't turn into a total slacker.

And i'm just stressed because of all the upcoming stuff these next few weekends. but I guess this is a big enough update for now. I think i'm going to go check out the bella/jacob comm and maybe find some Kingdom Hearts comms since i'm so interested lately!
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pretty pretty!

Hey ya'll. Ugh. 1:36 am and I seriously cannot fall asleep... so I'm sitting here reading Twilight fan fiction xD

I'm gonna do a big re-design of my LJ! Which means new user pics, new layout, new everything! I'm so excited :) Gonna go check out some good icons and such right now. I really should be in bed but the prospect of having all this new pretty stuff to spiffy up my page is too exciting to pass up!
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Don't Worry Be Happy

Best Parts Of The Night:

-Just being with DUANE! Ahhh. I love him. Too bad I didn't even get to say goodbye to him but I accidently took home his hoodie that he let me wear and this ring that he was wearing that he gave to me. whoopsies lol. Bahhh. neck kisses!! :D

- Getting two new ear piercings. Chris, Duane's mommy, has a piercing gun and this really amazing girl Shannon pierced them for me. On the second one I got a little scared because the gun wouldn't come away from the earring but it turned out okay.

- LOL. I told Duane and all of his friends that they didn't have the balls to throw me in the pool and they didn't! Mike almost did but yeah. ;]

- Bahaha. Kyle snuck me and Antoinette beer so that was a plus

And you know what? lets just forget the bad parts because i just don't fucking care. :] I'm way too happy to care.



Well, my mom and I went to Summerfest on friday to see Stone Temple Pilots! $200+ for tickets and it was absolutely worth it. It was the best 4th of july i've ever had and the best one my mom ever had.

We spent about an hour getting ready, beautifying ourselves and then we drove down there, both of us totally anxious. We got there around 1 and ate some mexican food that really wasn't good. My taquitos were okay but kind of tasteless and the chimichunga my mom got looked like... well, I dunno. gross. We should have just went with the good ol' hot dog or hamburger but oh well. Then we went shopping for a few hours and I bought a few pieces of jewlery and mom got a few shirts and OMG. I bought this delicious hawaiian shaved ice with bubble gum syrup. it was DELICIOUS. best thing i've ever eaten. haha. we sat around by the water front and basked in the sunlight. it was great.

Then we went to the Zippo stage to look for my friend Angela and her brother Trevor and we never ended up finding them but we discovered an amazing all girl band. JADED! They were freaking brilliant. After the concert we bought a t-shirt and two cds and I listen to them often. Great stuff, check them out.

Then we shared a hamburger and fries and headed back to the car to freshen up our hair and makeup and to get our sweatshirts. Then we headed up to the Marcus and got ready to see some STP!!! We wanted to get some merchandise but they REALLY overpriced the shirts and stuff. A shirt that i wanted went for $45 there when on the internet it was $30 and a sweatshirt at the concert was like $75 when on the internet it was $45. So i just bought a wristband. :) Then we went to our seats and they were really good! We lounged around at a table in the sunlight and at 7:20 we headed to our seats and Black Francis took the stage. The man was absolutely boring. He couldn't get the crowd to go crazy at all and my mom and I were just WAITING for him to get off. It was so boring! When he was finally done, we politely applauded and I guess the entire crowd agreed with our attitude toward him.

Then there was about a 15 minute wait for STP to take the stage and when they finally took the stage we were blown away. Scott took the stage with an american flag draped on his great bod and I thought my mom was just going to DIE. She has loved this band since they first came together and i was so happy for her and for us. They're first song was Big Empty and wow. I can now never listen to that song without getting chills. The concert was fabulous and when my mom's favorite song, Interstate Love Song, came on... wow. We were just blown away.

Scott Weiland has such a precense on stage, its just great. We were entranced by his good dancing abilities. ;) And also, the singing was GREAT. We were dancing, clapping, and singing for two hours straight and managed to make so many people dance and get excited in our section! it was great. the best concert i've ever been to. :]


Hello There!

I can't believe how well some of my favorites did so far during Wimbledon! I thought everything was over once Maria lost in the second round ut man was I wrong. Lleyton did pretty well, despite his lost against Roger today but he did great. Marat is also on such a roll! AHH!! I'm pretty sad that Richard was sent home today but i guess it was fun watching the british crowd going crazy.

Really, summer has been a bore. I did hang out with Antoinette for an entire week and thats all great but now I just get up early, watch Wimbledon, and then clean and read for the rest of the time. ahhh. Anna needs to get out. I'm so in love with my LJ right now. :) i have nice prettiful icons and a wonderful layout! yay!