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Darling, What Is Going On?

Awww. Just finished 100 Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts 2. I've beaten this game a few times and this is the first time I've actually played that level and found all the torn pages! Yey me! :) I don't think I did it in the first one either... Hm. I missed out on all the Winnie The Pooh goodness!

Blah. I'm pretty tired and a little in pain and I'd like to just surf the web and be nerdy, but I think I should get some biology homework done today. Starting unit 3. Blahhh. BORING! I've been talking to my guidance consouler (sp?) and i'm going to be having a really busy year next year at school. No study hall I think. I'm scared lol! I've never not had a study hall and I'm pretty scared if I miss a day because then I'll have no time to make up work, it's all going to have to be in-class or at home and I seriously hate actually doing homework at home. I usually do everything half-assed if I do it at home. There's too many distractions at home! xD

Also, I'm pretty excited to join a few clubs this year. Who knows if tennis is going to be a possibility this year but we'll see. I seriously got to get my ass in gear with my PT work our program. I'd really love to do tennis but then again there's my brother's band's tour in August (if I had tennis I couldn't go to a lot of the stop dates) and school would really be hell with tennis. When I played tennis my last two years, I seriously depended on my study halls because if I had a match that night, I probably wouldn't get home until 7 and wouldn't sit down to do homework until around 8. But maybe if I skip tennis this year I can do a few other things I've wanted to do, like clubs and who knows... maybe... MUSICAL!? I seriously missed out on a cool musical last year though. They did GREASE! And usually we do really lame stuff like Annie... Blah. Who knows. I'll be really upset if I can't do tennis though. Every other sport would be wayyy too hardcore on my back. But who knows. Once I start wokring out like a beast I'll start worrying.

And i'm also worrying about my behind the wheels and driving. I just got my temps but I'm just scared to drive. I stop horribly and I can't really do turns that well. It's just scary. I used to be pretty good and nonchalant about driving but then I just started getting really stressed out about it when my parents would sit and critisize my driving and now blah. It's just insanely stressful and I'm a seriously paranoid driver and i'm TERRIFIED for behind the wheels! Ugh. Wish me luck on those, whenever I even get the balls to sign up xD

Well. Enough messing around... Gotta get my bio done. Dx
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