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Ughhh. I am FAR too busy lately. My weekends are so filled up that I'm just going insane thinking about them even though I know I am going to have fun. This weekend I'm going to a brewer game with Antoinette, my dad, and his friend Dave and then on Sunday I'm getting my hair cut and re-highlighted and stuff. Then the next weekend after that, I'm going to be going to this party/memorial thing for my family's friend Elmer, who passed away last february and AHH. I have so much homework and study guides and projects that I just don't know how I'm going to do it.

I was planning on finishing my lab report and working on my science exam study guide last weekend but then there was the party with Duane and I wouldn't give that up for the world but geez. Bad timing on my part. Antoinette told me about it last minute and yeah. Maybe if she would have told me earlier I would have had a chance to work on it more but oh well. Lets go over what I have for each class:

Spanish II - Ugh. Our huge time line project (its like where you have to have pictures on a posterboard and then have entries in spanish under them explaining whats going on but theres only ten entries but its 50 points) was due today but I wasn't at school. Also, theres this 30 points anuncio project that I have to ask if I can make up. I only had 3 of the 6 done because the 3 other days I wasn't there to do it but I'm not too hopeful that my teacher will let me. Also, there is a quiz I have to make up and oral participation points i'm worrying about and then the exam. GUH.

Keyboarding - I'm not very worried about this class but I have so many projects to make up. The reports and the memos projects and i'm probably going to have to go in to work on my newsletter project. ughhh.

Science - Of course, the lab report, which is basically half of my grade. I am so fucking scared. I have most of it done but yeah. I still have the analysis and the conclusion to do and i have to finish it all tomorrow because its due on the 30th and yeah, the pressure is definately on. And there is the study guide to worry about. My teacher is the first to hand out study guides and I want to get it done before I have to worry about the other ones. less than 3 weeks to go for exams but I have no time to do anything!!

Math - Nothing to make up here besides a test so thats a big relief. And nothing much else to worry about in this class until the exam which is wonderful.

English - Ugh. I have to hand in my project and this pie chart thing and I'll be good but then theres the semester project to do, which will count as my exam grade so I NEED to do amazingly well on it.

Government - Nothing to make up here. Whew.

Halp meeee. I'm stresssssed.

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26 May 2008 @ 05:28 pm

Great Things About The Party:

- It was at Duane's house!!! AHH!!! I adore himmmm.

- I was with Antoinette, of course. I hate going to parties without her, they are just really fucking horrible. I have sooo much more fun with her there.

- Duane and his friends just loved my singing when i played rockband with them. First, I was playing "Don't Fear The Reaper" with Antoinette and some of Tommy's kids and either Chad or Kyle (i'm not sure, they were twins) said "oh my god... shes hitting every note, shes so good!" and he brought all of them down there and then they kicked all the kids off and we played "Pleasure" by Bang Camaro (aww. I talked with Chad/Kyle about the concert comming up in June. UGH. He's going, so I'm so jealous. The tickets are only $15 but I don't have a ride there and I don't think my mom would want to see that and we're trying to save our money for Summerfest) and that was amazing. Everyone was singing along and i enjoyed it. Then we played "Move Along" and some of the guys tried to play along with me and someone said "no no NO! Just let her sing it!" and yeah, that felt pretty good. We got 5 stars on expert so that was pretty bad ass. :)

- LOL. Okay, so I was singing and just as the song was about to start and I randomly just hear someone say "rimjob" really loudly and I just start LAUGHING so hard with Antoinette and I just say "...ew" into the mic and Duane looks over at me with this really mischevious amazing look on his face. bahaha.

- There was a lot more good things that happened but I dunno. My memory isn't working well right now. :( that always happens to me after really good parties. I'm just so relieved that I got to see Duane!!

Bad Things About The Party:

-There was this WERID Pedofile guy there! He was so huge he looked pregnant and he was old and as Antoinette, myself, and some of the kids were playing Rockband, he was just sitting there watching us and like laughing to himself... it was SO werid. and Antoinette and I were in the kitchen with some of the guys and they went away and then the pedo guy just randomly appears out of nowhere like 2 seconds after Dune, Chad, and Kyle leave and Antoinette was tying the knot in the back of my shirt because I couldn't get it and he said "....ooooh... tying a knot? It makes you look better," and me Antoinette were just like WHAT THE FUCK!? And so we go downstairs and we weren't leaving the basement because all the guys were down there to like protect us and then Duane's uncle Darren came down and pulled him away from the bar and he acme back SO mad. He was like "holy shit theres a fucking pedofile here! I'm going to beat his mother fucking ASS!" and after that we didn't see the pedo guy again.... thank GOD.

-At the end of the party, it was storming out so bad that they power went out when we were all playing rockband and the xbox got so fucked up that that little red ring thingy came on and the xbox just wouldn't work at all and everyone blamed Duane for some reason and he got SO fucking mad. He wasn't his fault, I mean what the fuck!

-Antoinette got really pissed off at me because I was playing Rockband with all the guys and she was kinda standing off doing nothing... It wasn't my fault all the guys wanted me to sing for them. :( What was I supposed to say? No? I was having a good time. D:

- Tommy's kids were SO annoying. They were like going CRAZY over Rockband and were singing horribly and on Guitar Hero they kept playing the same song OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. I mean what the fuck, they have the game at home, don't you know how to switch songs?

- We left so damn early! :( Usually Antoinette's step-dad, Steve, is the very last person to leave the party but it was storming out pretty bad so we left and Steve was getting kinda pissed that they guys were all hanging out with me and he got really mad that one of the guys (not sure who) was talking to Antoinette a lot. Geez. What is with my family and guys? Whenever a cute guy is talking to one of us, we have to leave right away, lol! talk about wayyy over-protective

- My camera, for some strange reason, wouldn't work at Duane's house. Antoinette and I think it was Elmer posessing the camera because he was on Steve's side about hanging around the guys because at Duane's house it wouldn't work but at Antoinette's house it worked fine. Talk about strange.... <<... >>...

- I didn't get to give Duane a proper goodbye. :(

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14 May 2008 @ 08:33 pm
I'm trying to request a copy of the 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet from another Library to send it to my library and to even do you need all this shit like a barcode and a pin number. What the fuck? Geez, so now I have to go out to the library tomorrow and request it in person.

GOD! How fucking hard is it to request a movie!?

I really want to see it because i've missed a few days of school and on those days my class watched the movie and everyone loves it and i've youtubed a few clips and it looks really good so I want to see it in full. The only part I got to see was Juliet crying in Friar Laurence's cell because of Romeo. :P

I've seen the latest version (the one with Leonardo and Claire Danes) and its kinda.... It was cool the first two times I saw it but now its just SO annoying now that I've read the book and its just like Shakespeare on fucking crack so Whateverrr. 
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11 May 2008 @ 02:28 pm
I just realized that I definately need more Brewer icons. Ugh. Just one measly JJ icon!? I mean, he looks wonderful in it but I definately need more.

Anyways, moving onnnnnnnnnnn:

- After TEN YEARS (seriously) I have finally beaten Final Fantasy 8!!! AHH! I can't believe it. It was so easy too. My main party was Squall, Rinoa, and Selphie all with their final weapons and at level 100 and it was basically a cake walk. I didn't think it was really difficult at all. Geez I'm SAD NOW. Now what the hell am I supposed to play? I guess I could pick up FF9 again but ehhh.. I dunno. I've been playing that one since it came out too and I do think it's pretty interesting but I dunno. We'll see.

- I seriously need to study today.

- I really wanted to play tennis today but its really bad outside and rainy so no such luck. I'm going to have to check the weather forecast for tomorrow and let's hope its good! I want to get out and play!

Well, I'm going to go watch the rest of the brewer game. I'm pretty happy that they're winning and also The Red Sox will be on tonight so it will give me something to do. :]

I'm going to end this entry now and I just wanted to say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY and congrats to Dinara on her WIN in Berlin! 
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09 May 2008 @ 11:21 pm

And I love that you always look so gay with JJ. Thats damnnnn fine.

And your hair is really cute.
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09 May 2008 @ 11:14 pm
Dad is doing very well. He will even be released probably tomorrow night. :]

But I was really distraught at the hospital today. I spent a lot of good time with dad and I talked on the phone a bit with Antoinette but as I went out into the ICU waiting room, I saw a family there and I could hear them talking about this girl... and I knew I seen this particular girl in her room, hooked up to so many machines and tubes that it was absolutely familiar to my Grandma, who died this past summer. And they mentioned that some of her brain cells were dead and then, I went back to dad's room and then I came back out to the waiting room to get some snacks for him from the vending machine (he wasn't supposed to have any snacks or anything, he was supposed to just pick at some dinner but he was starving so I snuck out there to get him some snacks) and then more of this family had gathered and I really started worrying.

And then I saw a few family members in this confrence room talking with one of the doctors and I seriously almost had a panic attack. I wanted to sit and cry and i had such a deep pain in my chest and i just felt sick to my stomach.

I knew just somewhere deep in my heart that they were taking this girl, who appeared to be no older than me, off life support.

Mom and I said goodbye to Dad and when we left and went to the waiting room, I saw a few family members into the room, holding her hands. And we got out into the waiting room and I just burst into tears. Mom really wanted me to go in there and say something to them because I had been in their shoes. My Grandma wasn't brain dead but... she would have been hooked up to machines for months to clean her blood of the Leukemia and well... she just wouldn't come back and we decided to just end it... and well. I just.. I had been in that position too. But I just couldn't.

I know I sound SO nosy right now but do you guys think I should have said something? I kinda think I did the right decision and If someone would have came up to me and said that to me (like "I know what you're going through") i'd probably snap on them... but something in me tells me maybe they would have found comfort in it, somehow.

I don't know... I just feel really depressed right now.

I brought all of my school books and some binders and notebooks home to study from and I feel bad that I only had a few chances to study and I have this SUDDEN urge to study. :)

UGH. and WHAT THE HELL. My right ankle is bothering me SO much lately and I really don't want it to hurt me in my tennis or just in general. Last week it just gave out on me and I seriously just fell to the ground and then today I was going to my grandma's house to talk before I left for the hospital and as I set my right foot down my ankle just burst with pain and now its just killing me.


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08 May 2008 @ 11:18 pm
mmm. I did get to go play tennis yesterday. I did a quick warm up by doing a few streches and jogged a lap around the courts before some light hitting and wow. When I warm up before a match, i'm so tense and nervous I can't even simply hit the ball over the net and even just playing a match with my uncle i feel nervous. I definately knew that I was going to do good when the ball was going over the net really easily and I did do well. My serve was a bit off but I wanted to not go crazy with it but WOW. my groundstrokes were really solid and good. My backhand was a little wary for a while but my uncle and I were hitting a really good rally and I just run to the left side of the court and just SMACK this really good backhand down the line and most of the time I really don't follow through with my shots, I kinda bring the racket near my shoulder, but never over and it was so good. It came so easily and I even followed through. My forehand was pretty good too and I even went to the net for a few shots but my volleys are definately off.

Bahaha. That was so amazing. :]

School today was pretty good. I got all my homework for tomorrow and so tomorrow my dad is having a heart surgery because he has this heart condition, i'm not really sure of the name but its where his heart beat is irregular and beats wayyy more than it really should and this really non evasive surgery will fix that problem, and I'll study for a bit because i have two upcomming tests in Science and Government and then make up tests for Spanish and a quiz on Romeo and Juliet in english.

I'm not too worried but I really want to be there when he goes into surgery but my mom is making me stay home and I totally understand because if I see my dad in his litle gown thingy and taking the pills that they give you before surgery and see him getting an IV put in... well, I'll be passing out. And I don't want that happening so I'm going to the hospital later.

Well, enough of this totally depressing stuff. Onto a topic that is a bit more depressing but its fine.

Tati has pulled out of Rome, Strausburg, and ROLAND GARROS.

Oh geez Tat...I was so shocked by this information. I know that I heard that she was having some exams and stuff done but I did not expect this at all. What a curveball! I really hope during this time off that Tatiana takes it slow, rests and relaxs and also works a bit on some rehab and stuff. I really hope she doesn't rush it and rush to get back. Yes, Tati, I know the tour is SO boring without you but please take your time. Hun, if you feel your not ready then DO NOT come back! please! Come back at 110% and get back on track and kick some ass.

Hehe. I'm also working on a video documenting Tatiana's 2007 season and its coming along quite nicely. :) I'll post it here when it is done.

Well, its pretty late so I should be in bed so good night everyone!

And I also saw this on another friend's journal so I thought I'd post it too:

5 Songs I Really Love Right Now:

1. Hard Sun - Eddie Vedder
2. Shine - Collective Soul
3. Black Hole Sun - Sound Garden
4. Even Flow - Pearl Jam
5. No Handlebars - ???

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07 May 2008 @ 06:10 pm
God. I just have this feeling to just go out and RUN. I remember when I was playing tennis for the team and we ran two laps around the courts after streching before hitting for a bit. Man, I would just love that. I want to do that now but I'm so out of shape.

I just want to go to the courts and hit and play like I used to do and just do really good. But I don't really have anyone to go with.

Well, on Brewers Live they just showed JJ looking very adorable and eee. I just love it. But it still doesn't get rid of my urge to run and play tennis. :)

Maybe I'll go for a walk and work up to jogging. I just wish I didn't have to go alone.

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05 May 2008 @ 07:50 pm
Spanish II - C

Keyboarding - B

Earth Science - C+

Pre Algebra - C

English 9 - B

American Government - B

23 days until Finals! Which means 23 days to raise these damn grades.

And now I'm going to go on a rant about that earth science grade. I fucking hate my teacher. He is so fucking lazy. he hands out so mich homework everyday, like a lab and then the actual homework assignment and he can't even keep track of it. he even told us when he wanted us to grade one of our freaking assignments and its utter fucking bullshit. I handed in the Biomass lab that we did but i was sick the day we did the Insulation lab and so in the grade book he gives me an A on the INSULATION LAB but says that the BIOMASS LAB is missing. WHAT THE FUCK.

And then the Earthquake test that I took WEEKS ago, he says I'm missing. And then this HUGE chapter worksheet packet that I did, I HANDED IN. but he gives me an F. I'm yelling at him tomorrow. I'm not even joking.

Ugh. I'm so sad Tati lost today. poor girl. Hopefully we can expect more next week in Rome. And alos how about those brewers? pfft. Getting SWEPT by the Astros. I mean, the astros are pretty good, I like them... but Wow. I definately wasn't expecting that. When the score was 6-3 brewers, I took a nap thinking Gagne was going to get it done.... Boy was I wrong.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a new day for them. :)


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02 May 2008 @ 08:02 pm
I was looking through my Godfather book and talking on the phone with Antoinette when they showed Ryan Braun looking ever so adorable with his hair all standing on end and ahhh!! I love him! and he was all streching out in the dugout and he goes over and just randomly lays his hand on JJ Hardy's thigh. 

Bahaha. I love it.
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